HERe's johnny!

In the winter of 2016 a few member of the band Party of 5 decided to go a different path then what they had been on. After spending the better part 2yrs playing nothing but 90's rock, some of which was pretty obscure, they decided to change their sound by playing more well known and more pop music. After rounding up a new singer from Lincoln, in January 2017 Johnny Knucklehead was born. With all the players in place they made their debut in April of 2017. In short order they have become one of Omaha's best up and coming party bands. Covering artists from Journey to Bruno Mars, Train to Blink 182 there is not anything that they can not play. Offering a high energy show with a wide variety of music and having the ability to cater to special events makes them not only very flexible, but will guarantee the the perfect mood is set for your wedding, corporate event or private party. 

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